Musapa Primary School, BURMA VALLEY

Musapa School (Furniture, Fencing, Supplies and building a new block), Burma Valley, Zimbabwe.

Following the completion of St Theresa School renovation and while John and Susan were visiting the school of one of Dominic’s borewells, they noticed just how in desperate need Musapa school was for furniture and a fence to protect the children. The children had no desks or chairs to sit on which made learning a challenge. This school was to be our next project, starting with furniture, fencing and supplies followed by the building of a new block to accommodate a greater number of children who currently we not at any school.

The furniture has been built and the school is fenced, our attention moved to the building part of this project, which is still going on. We continue to get educational supplies to them when we can.

On January 18th the 4 trustees visited Zim and spent most of the time negotiating costs for building materials for the new block – see the gallery for more pics.



New site:

Buying up the shop for concrete and other building supplies

This is Jan 2020, progress is slow and with the current economic situation it is becoming more difficult to progress, but we will continue to do what we can.

While visiting the school we met two special children Salaam, who is deaf and Jobe who is restricted to a wheelchair. Both conditions are a real challenge for the school, for Salaam obviously the ability to learn and for Jobe, the terrain is testing and he had worn out his wheelchair to the point that it is unusable:

So his day was made up when we presented him with a new chair!

He could now play basketball – a dream come true.

We were able to arrange for Salaam to meet a leading Otolaryngologist (ENT) specialist, Libby, who runs a fantastic school for the deaf in Mutare. She sorted him out for us with a hearing aid and when he is old enough there is a possibility he could attend her school.

The school specialises in supporting young adults to train for a skill like dressmaking or woodwork. The students learn a trade and of course equally as important they support one another.

4 budding fashion designers and dressmakers:

2 lads in training:

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