Sacred Heart Orphanage – RUSAPE

Sacred Heart Orphanage, Rusape, Zimbabwe

This project is on-going and is all about the provision of supplies. This Orphanage is run by a group of Religious Sisters who dedicate their vocation to these children. It is very well run but relies on charitable help and support. We are also very fortunate that Susan and John (both trustees) have a daughter, Jo, who resides in Harare – which has been a real blessing for 2Hands. She has made so much of what we do possible as she is there on the ground. All the trustees have visited the Orphanage and met the children. Of course, we never go empty-handed – always a car full of provisions:

Just one of the many trolleys.

The Sisters are innovative and consider many ways to secure the Orphanage, one being keeping chickens and selling the eggs (any left after the children’s needs) and the Chickens. A regular income is so important! One of the very close friends and a great supporter of 2Hands – Andy Wafer, decided to replace his Christmas gifts to his family one year and purchase baby chicks for the Orphanage Instead. Both his family and Sister Catherine were delighted.

The Sisters built a chicken pen:

And they grew:

We feel very close to this Orphanage, so it was devastating news for us to hear that two of the children had died. It transpired that termite treatment had been used and unfortunately two or our children were poisoned. A tragedy which will take that little community a while to recover from – how it happened is still being investigated. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the Sisters and the children.


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